Clara Brörmann



CLARA BRÖRMANN – Das Gewicht einer Farbe 15.3. – 13.4.2024
CLARA BRÖRMANN – Laternenbilder 12.6. – 18.7.2020
CLARA BRÖRMANN – 6 Farben 4.5. – 2.6.2018
CLARA BRÖRMANN – pursuit of happiness 9.9. – 22.10.2016
CLARA BRÖRMANN – von + an 14.3. – 12.4.2014
CLARA BRÖRMANN 27.4. – 9.6.2012


CLARA BRÖRMANN, 2021 – Kopfbilder
Clara Brörmann, 2016



Curriculum vitae

CLARA BRÖRMANN (1982 Duisburg, Germany) lives and works in Berlin.

Clara Brörmann's works are created by combining simple geometric shapes. The process of destruction and renewal forms the basis for the construction of her paintings. Shapes and structures are created and with the next action, they are removed or effaced. Paint is applied and then wiped off or covered over. Constructivism is itself dissolved as a result of the working process.

She studied Fine Arts with Prof. Daniel Richter, Prof. Anselm Reyle, and Prof. Robert Lucander at the University of the Arts in Berlin where she graduated in 2011.

Brörmann’s works were among others shown at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery (New York), Kunstverein Heppenheim, FEDERICA SCHIAVO GALLERY (Milan), Kommunale Galerie Berlin, Kunsthalle Athena (Athens), ticktack (Antwerp) or Whitehouse Gallery (Brussels). In 2019 her work was awarded the Sustainable Arts Award and in 2020 she was funded by ArsVersa Kunst-Stiftung.