AKI TURUNEN – La luna fuori le mura 8.9. – 21.10.2023


AKI TURUNEN, 2023 – Butterflies courting Dragons



Curriculum vitae

AKI TURUNEN (*1983 Helsinki, Finland) lives and works in Helsinki.

His works are based on a combination of intuitive, subconscious imagery and a profound knowledge of art history. By using traditional tools for his own purposes, combing a very personal painterly narrative with images taken from history, Turunen explores a shared human experience. The artist, ever curious and ready to reinvent himself from one exhibition to another, has dealt in his work with, for example, signs of spring, jewel-like snakes glimmering in the bottom of a sea, nocturnal rainbows, and monk-like figures, who in their crowns carry fantastical creatures, birds, spiders, dolphins, and flowers. Dragon charmers and saints as well as pretty, delicate flowers and splendid butterflies populate his wooden panels and works on paper.

Turunen graduated with a Master’s degree of Fine Arts at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2011 after he had studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the same year. Amongst others his works were shown at Huuto Gallery (Helsinki), Kluuvi Gallery (Helsinki) and Helsinki Art Museum and can be found in collections such as KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art (Finland), The Finnish National Gallery and The Finnish Art Association.